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Blueflags. Blueflags (Iris) belong to the family Iridaceae (which also includes cornflags). Flowers of irises have original form and very beautiful. There are two wild-growing species - Iris pseudacorus [left picture] and Iris sibirica [see "Continuation"] Ц which were cultivated long ago as adornment plants. The blueflags (irises) are perennial herbaceous plant with a height more than 1 meter. The blueflags have large rootstock, and the rootstocks of Iris pseudacorus are used in medicine.

Floriculturists obtained and continue to obtain a great number of iris kinds with various colors. The single misfortune of floriculturists can be the impossibility to get the red color of the iris flower. There is no iris with real red color of flowers.

Iris sibirica (left and below) is ornamental in flower gardens!

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