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Roses. The current form of rose (Rosa, family Rosaceae) is well known for more than 5000 years. As to literature data, the flower was famous in Sumer. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many kinds of roses for open soil and for greenhouses. All the pictures of roses at the site were taken on one garden area. In winter, the rose bushes must be covered for wintering under snow.

The wild-growing relative of rose-beauty is brier - Rosa majalis [pictures 1, 2, and 3], which is also widely spread in gardens. It has delicate fragrance of flowers, and its fruits are full of vitamins.




Rose is an ancient symbol: Symbol of Eternity, the Universe Model. The Rose was sacred flower of Isida. In Christianity, the white rose is an attribute of the Virgin Mary, and the red rose is a symbol of Christ's sufferings and blood. In the East, the rose is a symbol of love. The rose is used as a sign or emblem of secret societies. Vatican has a special reward "Gold Rose".

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