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South Urals Plants


South Urals Plants. Can you imagine the Earth without any plants, without flowered green mat, without forests? Plants with chlorophyll provide us with atmospheric oxygen for breathing, food, clothes, and construction materials... Maybe, the aliens ("green little men", if they exist!) have a green color, because they introduced some information into their genome to produce chlorophyll in their bodies to get the energy from the Sun (or other stars)?!

young eagles

The Native Land landscapes are the subject of many Russian Artists of the nineteenth, twentieth, and current centuries. Can you imagine any landscape without plants (certainly, except the arctic glaciers or sandy deserts)?!

Ural Mountains and Irtyash Lake


Before the Rain

Castles in the Air

Plant Pictures

The South Urals climate is temperate, but continental. The areas to the east of Ural Mountains are getting less moisture and warmth of the western winds. At the same time, the cold arctic winds easily move along the mountains, they may cause a sudden fall of temperature during the hot summer. The winter may be very frosty and without snow. These factors influence on the plant wintering, because they need snow for enduring frosts. Gardeners need to cover thermophyte plants (roses, vines, etc.) for winter. The Ural Mountains are both the border between Europe and Asia and the natural border for many plants. For example, oak trees (flourishing on the western flanks of the Mountains) can grow on the eastern flanks only after special planting, but badly and slowly.

The First Spring Flowers. April, snow has not disappeared yet, and there are only small parts of melted land. There, the first flowers have turned yellow. This is coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara). If you look at the macro pictures of these flowers, it becomes clear, that the coltsfoot belongs to the family Compositae. Continuation...

The South Ural gardeners are finding pleasure in cultivating garden flowers. The country people grubbed beautiful forest and field flowers and carried them to their gardens. Many of these flowers are considered as the cultivated and garden plants. At present time, "paradise" came to those who are fond of flowers, because there are many seeds of various species and kinds for sale. Selection is limited only by the size of gardener purse and by the garden climate. What flowers may you see in the gardens! Continuation...

Iris. Viola. Castor-oil plant. Tulip. Rose. Columbine. Lily. Mimulus.

Weeds. There are thousands of weed species in Russia. However, only some of them greatly annoy the gardeners at definite areas. The well-known weeds in the South Urals are following: sow thistle, dandelion, coltsfoot, sheepbine, etc. Continuation...

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