Order Orthoptera

Suborder Dolichocera

Family Tettigosiidae

Grasshoppers are confused with locusts. Unlike locusts, the grasshoppers have antenna length that is longer than length of all the body. Abdomen of grasshopper female has long ovipositor similar to a sword. Male of grasshopper chirms with special organ on the base of sheaths, therefore "music" of the grasshoppers sounds louder and more pleasant than one of locusts.

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Photo 1 - (Tettigonia cantans Fuess), female. Photo 2 - wart-biter bush cricket (Decticus verrucivorus L.), female. Male has grey color, there is even black specimen. Photo 4 - (Tettigonia cantans Fuess), male. You can see "musical" organ in the base of sheaths. Photo 5 - Male. Chirming moment.

The right photo is a case when male and female met. If you want to look at other photos related to "insect love", go to the page Love and Insects.

Suborder Brachycera

Family Acrididae

Antennae of locusts (unlike grasshoppers) are shorter than length of all the body. A male chirms by friction of inner side of hideleg on protruded veins of sheath. At the South Urals there are some species of locusts.

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